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iSMS Philippines FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is there any charge to register an account with iSMS Philippines?
    A: No. It is free, register a free Account with iSMS Philippines now.
  2. How long is the validity of iSMS Philippines credit?
    A: It is valid for 1 year after your last reload. However, additional 1 year will be added to the validity term accordingly. Kindly contact us to further extend the validity.
  3. What is the differences between short code & long code?
    A: Short Code refers to a message that was sent by a 5 digit number while Long Code is sent by a randomised number allows the customer to make a reply.
  4. Where to check replies from a customer?
    A: You can use e-mail, SMS Reply History and SMS to view replies. You will only be charged 1 SMS credit for each reply.
  5. How do we type long messages and how does the system count?
    A: Just click the button on long message. The system will automatically count the characters for you.
  6. Why does the address book refuse 2 people using the same mobile numbers? Why are we not be able to send birthday greetings twice?
    A: The address book is present in such a way where only unique mobile numbers are allowed and any duplicated number will not be accepted. It is under iSMS Philippines service policy that Birthday Greetings can only be sent once in a year to prevent your message from being labelled as spam.
  7. Can the remaining credits be used continuously after reloading?
    A: Yes. You can reload or contact us to continue using the expired credits.
  8. How do we compose CSV files?
    A: Compose all your data to Microsoft Excel file and save it as CSV format. View more on Send SMS via CSV file for the guide.
  9. Would the SMS credits still be deducted if the number that I sent the message to is not in the service or has been terminated or undelivered for some kind of reasons?
    A: Every SMS will be charged for each submission. But, if the number format is invalid upon sending, you will not be charged. In SMS History Report, it will be shown as an undelivered number.
  10. Can we share iSMS Philippines credits with other employees?
    A: Yes. Go to "Edit Sub Account" to add sub account and you may control the credit limits to be allocated to each sub account.
  11. How to make a payment using PayPal?
    A: Under the Purchase Credits Page, please call PayPal contact number.
  12. How to change to short code?
    A: Go to "Edit Profile" and then click on the "Number Masking". 10 SMS credits will be charged on every update. However, it's one time charge only.
  13. What happens if the system error occurs while composing SMS?
    A: Do not "refresh" the page but just close your browser and log in back to the system from the home page. Do check your history then.
  14. Can we copy and paste message from Microsoft Words?
    A: Do not copy and paste directly from Microsoft Words as it may contain invalid characters. SMS will not be delivered successfully if any invalid character is detected.
  15. How long would it takes to activate iSMS Philippines account?
    A: Immediately or during working hours.
  16. Is iSMS Philippines able to send messages globally?
    A: Yes. We are global SMS provider. Have a look at the list of SMS network we support.