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Send Bulk SMS With ASP.NET

How to Send Bulk SMS Philippines With ASP.NET

Sending SMS from our iSMS Philippines web server is the best way to go, but we do provide SMS API keys that is suitable to be implemented with ASP.NET platform. We have provided some examples for your reference.

To understand more about our iSMS Philippines API Key features, please visit Developer API page. All available features and configurations will be displayed at the iSMS Philippines Developer API page. Integrate our Send SMS feature into your ASP.NET application and enjoy our SMS services.

Step 1

Draft a scripts as illustrated below. Replace the text marked xxxx with your iSMS account information..

Kindly refer the table below to know the description of each parameter.

"un" username
"pwd" password
"dstno" mobile phone of your recipient
"msg" content of the message

Step 2

A window will be prompted after running your ASP.NET. Click on the link "Click here to send sms" in order to send your short message.

Information provided will be taken as parameters sent to the server and your short message will be delivered shortly after server received the request.