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DIY Integration Service by iSMS Philippines

iSMS Philippines do provide custom SMS Integration Service to our users. We help to integrate iSMS features to your existing software and applications by using SMS API (Application Programming Interface) allowing you to get connected platform quickly and easily.

With this integration, your application will have the ability to include text messaging functionality. It can be connected through HTTP.

We guarantee you quality and secure bulk SMS gateway. Sending bulk SMS is no longer time consuming once the text messaging functions has been incorporated to the software application you are currently using. Don't worry, we do not charge extra iSMS credit, so you just pay according to the number of SMS you sent.

SMS Integration Service charges are on a case-by-case basis. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a quotation.

KK Leong: +6014 602 8442

Malaysia: +6016 450 2380

How can Bulk SMS Integration help your business?

  • Improve Productivity
  • Communicate with your customers,employees and business partners efficiently
  • Trouble-free SMS integration and convenient messaging
  • Real Time information and instant SMS alert

Convenient Integration Service

No Account Setup Fee

Fast and Reliable

Cheap and Affordable SMS Credit Rates

High Security

Custom Integration Programming Service

Expert Developers

We have expert developers to help you integrate iSMS services into your current application(s)

Multiple Languages

Experienced with PHP, .NET, Java, Android, iOS, c#, VB, C++, etc


Experienced with a lot of
e-commerce shopping cart throughout our years of services

Original Plugin Installation

Plugin installation by our expert developers

Custom Work Service

Custom-made functions to suit your needs

Benefiting You

We help you to not only save your time but your money too!

Flexible CMS Platform

Installation service with any CMS platform

SMS API Features:

  • Security
  • Vast Messaging Infrastructure
  • Real-Time Message Status Reporting
  • Constant Monitoring of Service
  • SMS Messages Delivery Scheduling

SMS API Supports:

  • HTTP/s API
  • Code Samples and help libraries
  • Full API Documentation
  • Technical Support