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How to Send SMS by Using CSV File

Sending SMS by CSV File

Save your time and hassle by utilizing the CSV sending feature in iSMS Philippines. You can begin with the simplest form – phone number and name. Once you have familiarized with yourself, go on to the next level of sending personalized message to your clients.

A hassle-free way to send your Bulk SMS.

Step 1: Login to iSMS Philippines to Compose SMS.

How to send SMS using CSV file

Step 2: Select the second tab "CSV Compose". Upload your CSV file and draft your message.

How to send SMS using CSV file

Note: To learn how to create your CSV, please refer to the following steps.

1. Start with the simplest form, %phoneno% and %name% as illustrated below.

Note: Headers are predefined. Only headers listed below are accepted.

  • %phoneno%
  • %name%
  • %amount%
  • %address%
  • %string1%
  • %string2%
  • %string3%
  • %string4%
  • %string5%
How to send SMS using CSV file

2. Select the entire columm A. Right click and select "Format Cells"

How to send SMS using CSV file

3. Set your format code as 63########## for Philippines numbers (include international prefix for all numbers).

Note: This CSV is created by Open Office Writer. Different method may apply for other applications.

How to send SMS using CSV file