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iSMS Philippines with CRM System

CRM System with iSMS Services

From MYR 800

Needing a way to organize and keep track of all your clients, customers and employees details? We are offering a 2-in-1 package for your company, making things easier while increasing efficiency. You can record and manage all customers details and use it to send SMS directly from your iCRM database.

Get a 30 Days Trial and experience the full features offers by our team! SMS marketing is one of the effective ways to market your business, even better with iCRM System.

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What can you carry out in CRM System with iSMS Philippines features?

CRM System with iSMS Features is suitable for:

Sneak Peak of CRM Software with iSMS Features

Step 1:
Utilize all features provided by the CRM System, you must register to the THREE websites below. It will only take a moment.

POS Market: Register a POS System account for Point-of-sale Client in order to download and install the CRM System.

iSMS: Register an iSMS account in order to send your clients iSMS, WhatsApp and Email messages.

AlienVoIP: Register VoIP account to contact your customers via the Call feature in CRM System.

Step 2:
Start the POS Client application after installation. Click the "Setting" button. Key in your POS Client Username and Password to continue.

Step 3:
Go to "SMS" tab and key in your iSMS details. Click "Save" on the top left corner.

Close window to go back to POS Client login interface.

Step 4:
Insert your POS Client username and password then select CRM option.
Click the Login button.

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