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Creating SMS Task Scheduler With PHP Code

SMS Task Scheduler - PHP Code

iSMS Philippines provides a wide range of SMS API for your PHP application including SMS Task scheduler. It is used to schedule specific message to be sent out at a point of time. It can be done without logging in to the member console.

To learn more about iSMS Philippines API Key features, please visit Developer API page.

All available features and configurations is displayed at the iSMS Philippines Developer API page. Integrate the SMS task scheduler feature into your PHP application to enjoy our limitless SMS services.

Please click below to find out about our SMS Task Scheduler API in other programming languages.

How to create a PHP file

Have you forgotten about sending your client birthday promotion code on their birthday? Integrate Task Scheduler functions into your application now. Your customized message will be delivered to your client without delay.

1. Create a PHP file and give a preferred name.

2. Copy the following sample code & paste it into the PHP file. Then replace the following details with your iSMS Philippines account information such as:

  • username
  • password
  • your mobile number

At the main navigation menu of member console, go to SMS > Task Scheduler, you will notice that the listing is empty.

Bulk SMS Philippines Task Scheduler with PHP

Sample PHP Coding


$username = "isms";
$password = "isms123";
$dstno = 6016xxxxxxx;
$msg = "text message over here";
$det = "TEST";
$tr = "weekly";
$type = 1;
$senderid = "isms";
$date = "2013-06-16";
$hour = 12;
$min = 45;
$week = 1;
$month = 1;
$day = 1;

$sendlink = "

fopen($sendlink, "r");


HTTPS Result

After uploading the PHP file and run it, a HTTPS request will be initiated and a window will be prompted. The browser's address bar will display the address as below:

Return to the "Task Scheduler" page and the new "Task Scheduler" listed on that page can be seen.