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OTP / TAC Messaging Service via WhatsApp

OTP / TAC Messaging Service via WhatsApp
for Malaysia and Indonesia

Secure, Reliable, and Efficient OTP / TAC Messaging via WhatsApp


Are you looking for a reliable and efficient solution to send OTP (One-Time Password) or TAC (Transaction Authorization Code) messages to Malaysia and Indonesia using WhatsApp? Our WhatsApp OTP / TAC messaging service is designed to meet the needs of businesses looking to enhance security, streamline operations, and ensure fast delivery of critical messages using a generic sender ID on WhatsApp.

Why Choose Our OTP / TAC Messaging Service?


No Need for Your Own Number

Say goodbye to the hassle of obtaining and maintaining your own phone numbers. Our service allows you to send OTPs and TACs using a generic sender ID on WhatsApp, simplifying your operations.


No WABA Account Required

Unlike other messaging solutions that require a WhatsApp Business API (WABA) account, our service operates independently, saving you time and resources.


No Extra API Needed

Our service allows you to use your existing SMS API to send OTPs and TACs, which the system will automatically convert to WhatsApp OTP templates. This reduces your integration time and resource requirements.


Generic OTP Templates

Utilize our pre-configured OTP templates that are optimized for quick setup and deployment. These templates are designed to meet industry standards and ensure your messages are clear and effective.


Cost-Effective Solution

Reduce your operational costs with our competitive pricing. Our service is designed to be budget-friendly while maintaining high delivery rates and reliability.


Ideal for International Companies

Perfect for international businesses looking to send OTPs and TACs to local customers in Malaysia and Indonesia. Our service ensures your messages are delivered swiftly and reliably, no matter where you are based.


Fast Setup and Deployment

Get started quickly with our easy integration process. Our service is designed for rapid setup, allowing you to start sending OTPs and TACs in no time.


Swift Delivery

Ensure your customers receive their OTPs and TACs without delay. Our robust infrastructure guarantees fast and reliable message delivery, crucial for time-sensitive transactions.

Key Features of Our
WhatsApp OTP / TAC Messaging Service

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We’re trusted by many businesses for our OTP / TAC messaging service, providing secure, fast, and reliable WhatsApp messages with a generic sender ID. Contact us today to enhance your security and streamline communication operations in Malaysia and Indonesia.
You may also contact us if you wish to use your own dedicated number and brand name in your WABA account.
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