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SMS Group Messaging

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Bulk SMS Group Messaging

SMS Group Messaging

SMS group messaging is a 2-way messaging that allow you to compose messages to a group of contacts within a minute. All you need is to add all the contacts in group and set a specific name for the group. You can create as many receipents as you want.

The cost of the SMSs will be charged according to the total number of SMS that you sent. For example, if the group contains 20 contacts, you will be charged the cost for 20 SMS. However, you can always receive any incoming messages and they are free-of-charge.

Identifying Your Customers

Bulk SMS Group Messaging is a good way expand your social circle and business too. Saves you a lot of time and effort when it comes to replacing conventional marketing products. Sending out hundreds or even thousands of messages per day is not a problem when using Bulk SMS. By using just a keyword, you can send messages your entire sms group instantly.

In this case, segmenting your customer contacts into different messaging groups for more effective SMS marketing. Bulk SMS Philippines treats privacy matters, all contact information and message details seriously. We will keep details for every users confidential. We will not use them for any other malicious purpose. Bulk SMS Philippines is a reliable SMS service for everyone.

Bulk SMS Group Messaging

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SMS Group Messaging Guide

Guide includes how to select group contacts into your SMS and send out.
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Bulk SMS Group Messaging