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30 SEPT 2022

Dear Partner,

Please be advised that only Person-to-Person (P2P) SMS are affected by the temporary blocking of messages with embedded links from any network as announced by Globe Telecom this afternoon, September 30, 2022.

This directive will not affect Application-to-Person (A2P) SMS or legitimate SMS broadcasts using masked Sender IDs. iSMS maintains its position to recommend and encourage all of its subscribers to avoid using external links as those suspected to be fraudulent will still be automatically blocked.

In a statement released by Globe's Chief Information Security Officer, Anton Bonifacio, with the blocking of sending and/or delivery of P2P SMS with external links, less potent smishing incidents in the coming days will hopefully be expected.

iSMS would like to thank its valued partners for their collaboration and support in the initiatives implemented against smishing campaigns.

Rest assured that efforts to implement stricter protocols are constantly improved.

Reference link:

Moving forward, you may request URLs to be whitelisted via our support team to ensure they are not masked.

iSMS Team


01 AUG 2021

Dear Valued Customer (for Philippines SMS),

We are sending you this notice regarding the prohibition when it comes to broadcasting promotional messages beyond 7am-9pm. Considering that the sending of messages is beyond our's control, we will be requiring all our clients under iSMS take note on this.

This notice states that, when it comes to guidelines on the push messaging particularly the Promotional messages, you as the client shall undertake to indemnify and hold free and harmless iSMS and telcos if you send broadcast beyond 7am-9pm and that it is your liabilities if you do so.

Thank you for your understanding.

iSMS Team


22 JUN 2021

Dear Valued Customer (for Philippines SMS),

Greetings from iSMS,

Due to the recent incidents of spoofing and sending of malicious SMS, we were tasked by telco partners to implement immediate blocking of the following sender IDs:

  • Lazada
  • Shopee
  • Garena
  • SeaMoney
  • SeaTalk
  • AirPay
  • ShopeePay

Should you wish to continue to send traffic using these sender IDs, we will require the necessary LOAs -- LOA from the Brand owner authorizing iSMS. If there are any other parties involved, the brand should authorized those parties.

iSMS Team


30 APR 2021

Dear Valued Customer,

Greetings from MOBIWEB,

Please be informed that a planned maintenance will be held as follows:

Reference Number: EVT-024959
Submission Date: 30 APR 2021
Objective: Service Migration on MOBIWEB Network
Maintenance Window: Start Date / Time: 18-May-2021 00:00 hours GMT+8
End Date / Time: 18-May-2021 06:00 hours GMT+8
Service Involved: MOBIWEB iSMS Service
Downtime: 15 – 30 minutes

iSMS Team


14 JAN 2021

Dear Customer (for SMS to Philippines),

Please be advised that there have been significant incidents of fraudulent and phishing activities lately causing the Telcos to express concerns.

As such, we will be taking steps to ensure suspicious URLs in such SMS content are masked to protect mobile subscribers. Effective immediately, all SMS message campaigns containing embedded URL shorteners will be blocked.

Moving forward, you may request URLs to be whitelisted via our support team ( to ensure they are not masked.

Thank you for your understanding.

iSMS Team