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As LOW as PHP 0.3 per SMS


Send Bulk SMS to employees,
customers and business partners.


Dear Partner,

Please be advised that only Person-to-Person (P2P) SMS are affected by the temporary blocking of messages with embedded links from any network as announced by Globe Telecom this afternoon, September 30, 2022.

This directive will not affect Application-to-Person (A2P) SMS or legitimate SMS broadcasts using masked Sender IDs. iSMS maintains its position to recommend and encourage all of its subscribers to avoid using external links as those suspected to be fraudulent will still be automatically blocked.

In a statement released by Globe's Chief Information Security Officer, Anton Bonifacio, with the blocking of sending and/or delivery of P2P SMS with external links, less potent smishing incidents in the coming days will hopefully be expected.

iSMS would like to thank its valued partners for their collaboration and support in the initiatives implemented against smishing campaigns.

Rest assured that efforts to implement stricter protocols are constantly improved.

Reference link:

Moving forward, you may request URLs to be whitelisted via our support team to ensure they are not masked.

iSMS Team

WhatsApp Business API

Unleashing WhatsApp Business API's potential. Contact us now to explore the API, its capabilities, and how it can benefit your company. Boost engagement, offer personalized experiences, and tap into WhatsApp's full potential for your organization. Don't miss the chance to elevate your customer communication with the WhatsApp Business API!

  • Programmable Messaging
  • Two-Way Communication
  • Integration Capabilities
  • Verified Business Profile
  • Chatbot Integration
  • Analytics and Reporting
WhatsApp Business API WABA

Start to interact with your customers now. With simple steps, iSMS Philippines provides you with a powerful tool that helps your business.
See how our customer use our powerful iSMS to increase their sales and maintain valuable customer loyalty.

2FA Two-Factor Authentication is an extra layer of security that requires users to use both their online password and mobile phone to verify their identity to access a service or web app. Integrating iSMS 2FA Two-Factor Authentication into your web applications or services, will provide additional security to users while they use your applications. A One-Time Pin code will be sent to user via SMS to verify their identity and resume the process.


WordPress iSMS Plugin enables businesses to send personalized and automated SMS notifications to online store orders. Make your customers happy and notify them about order status change via SMS notifications. SMS notification options can be customized in the admin panel easily.

  • Manage appointment
  • Create multiple events
  • Enter events attendance and event person in charge
  • Send event invitation to customers with QR Code attendance
  • Integrated SMS service
  • Alternate SIM card SMS gateway support via Xpress Waiter App
  • Send and get reply of your contact list
Send SMS in bulk with your own sim card easily. Entirely in control of your SMS marketing campaigns. All you have to do is sync the phone with iCRM Contact Management and let the software do all the hard work of notifying your store customers, club members, event participants and etc.
  • Save your contacts at one place
  • Group your contacts
  • Share your contacts with colleagues by assigning
  • Manage monthly payments
  • Manage membership expiry and renew
  • Manage membership category
  • Manage member upline
  • Record every details and interactions with customers
  • Searchable service records
  • Group it into cases
  • Group your customers into multiple group with or without payment
  • Manage payment period monthly, yearly etc.
  • Manage multiple fees
2 way sms philippines

iSMS leverages the power of 4G for your customers to reply directly to your SMS via a HTML form. Enjoy various advantages such as:

  • Unlimited reply message length
  • Identify the phone numbers that reply to your message

When using iSMS Philippines corporate SMS service, you do not need to worry about slow sending rate because we provide the best and reliable SMS service route available for your customer. Under proper conditions, as long as your customers phone numbers are correct, all conditions are met, your SMS shall be in a good hand.

bulk sms philippines
bulk sms philippines api
  • Straight forward
  • Easy to use
  • Multiple programming languages sample
  • HTTPS (post/get) method
  • Free with your iSMS account

Mobile App SMS OTP / Verification

OTP (one time password) is common for any Mobile APP (Android or IOS) to verify their userís phone number. With iSMS, we can help you to send the SMS via our API. All you need to do is register and account with us, provide your verification and you are done in no time.

mobile otp
bulk sms philippines api

Seamless Integration with

iSMS Philippines is now working with to provide various SMS services such as URL shortener, unsubscribe system, QR code and subscription to SMS address book.

One Click Subscription

Generate QR code, or links with U20.Me and let your customers, clients subscribe to your address book easier. The QR code is linked to a subscription form, your user will fill up the form to complete the subscription.

2 way sms philippines one click subscription
Unsubscribe SMS Philippines

This feature comes FREE with your SMS account. Your customers can click unsubscribe to automatically exclude from your list in the future and you can choose to filter the unsubscribe list yourself or leave it to our iSMS AI to filter the SMS list for you.

iSMS provides SMS service in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Philippines. We are confident in providing you with the best and reliable SMS service in this region. Our SMS engine is capable to do even more for you as we are able to send SMS to most of the Telcos worldwide.

global sms philippines coverage
sms philippines free demo

Please feel free to complete the form for demo request

Malaysia Toll Free: 1800 87 7061
Kuala Lumpur: +603 2780 3880

The Bulk SMS Malaysia team realizes that the ability to add sub accounts under a main user is very useful especially the main account is an expanding company. You can share and allocate credits to every sales agent's sub accounts for separate use to do SMS marketing.

corporate sms philippines sub accounts
send email to sms philippines

Feature email to SMS enable application that is currently sending Email is able to trigger SMS alert to multiple users. You do not even need to modify your current process to have SMS alert.

Packages Price Per SMS (P) Total Amount (P) Buy Now
isms 1,000 subscriptions 0.48 P 480 Buy Now
isms 3,000 subscriptions 0.46 P 1380 Buy Now
isms 5,000 subscriptions 0.44 P 2200 Buy Now
isms 10,000 subscriptions 0.42 P 4200 Buy Now
isms 20,000 subscriptions 0.40 P 8000 Buy Now
isms 35,000 subscriptions 0.38 P 13300 Buy Now
isms 50,000 subscriptions 0.35 P 17500 Buy Now
isms 100,000 subscriptions 0.34 P 34000 Buy Now
isms 500,000+ credits For more credits, please contact our sales team!
Dedicated Keyword(Inbound) PHP 500.00 Per month PHP 500 Buy Now
corporate sms philippines sub accounts

Business SMS Marketing

We are currently serving more than 6000 corporate customers nationwide Malaysia. iSMS has been serving the Malaysian corporate SMS needs Since 2007. We provide full range SMS services including SMS shortcode, Premium Reliable SMS, 2 way SMS, SMS to email and other. We have solid team to support all your business needs. Please contact us today to start SMS marketing for your products through bulk SMS.

IMPORTANT: iSMS Malaysia will not provide any contact list. Therefore, it is advisable for you to have your own list of contacts.

DIY SMS Integration using API

DIY SMS Integration service is now available for anyone who wants to integrating Bulk SMS to any software and application using Bulk SMS API (Application Programming Interface). You can do a lot of things with iSMS API.

  • Deliver / Receive SMS
  • Track SMS via HTTP requests
  • Lots more!