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Send SMS Credit Reminder

If you are just too busy to monitor your bulk sms account's credit level, let the system do it for you, literally. Bulk SMS Philippines Team offers a solution by creating an auto credit reminder

SMS Marketing Philippines Credit Reminder

As you can see, we have provided 3 reminder sending methods for you to choose from. The choice is ultimately up to you.

  • SMS
  • Email
  • Both
SMS Marketing philippines Credit Reminder

Insert the number in the "Remind Threshold" field that you want to be reminded using email, sms or both.

For example, you want to be reminded of your bulk sms account when the credit balance reaches 100 credits. If you insert "100" in "Remind Threshold", the bulk sms system will be triggered when your account reaches that amount of credit balance. Alerts will be sent out according to your choice of sending methods.

Finally, insert your sender ID and email address. Click "Update" to submit the credit reminder settings.

SMS Marketing philippines Credit Reminder

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